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Girls’ disaffectation of studying IT : reasons and solutions

Besides their lack of comprehensive knowledge of the IT sector, other factors are at play in putting girls off IT. With a view to raising awareness among people directly involved in study choices, the ADA network has produced a brochure aimed primarily at teachers in higher and secondary education and those advising students on what courses they should opt for in school, on the different influences that lead girls to become disinterested in technical courses and IT courses in particular.

By referring to the issue of stereotypes, the way careers in the IT sector are represented, the role played by models, and the impact of self-confidence, the brochure highlights the many processes at play in distancing girls from this environment.

Using scientific texts, study reports and analysis reports as a basis, this summary document seeks to expose what lies at the root of the problem and suggest courses of action. Only by understanding the source of a problem can we begin to resolve it.