Image, Images (To see or not to see the image)

A multimedia educational tool

Moving beyond our justifiable fascination for the image, we must at long last ask ourselves what is hidden in these images that visually and narratively define relations between women and new technologies.

How do we decipher these representations ? How do we accustom our eyes to reading an image (cinematographic, but also by extension, photographic, computer-generated, advertising images and so on) ?

ADA, in collaboration with Muriel Andrin, cinema theoretician (Elicit-ULB [Brussels University]), is developing an educational image analysis tool to understand that every image (still or moving) is the result of a systematic construction by those who generate it, with the aim of producing a certain effect on those who watch it. This method is set out in a brochure and there is also a website that gives examples and lists reference materials.