A site that tells you everything about women and IT

  • What training do you need to become a network administrator ?
  • How do the stereotypes on women and IT come about ?
  • How many women are there working in IT ?

The ADA site, which has been at the heart of the project since 2001, provides answers to these questions and many others in French and in Dutch.

Lively, updated on a regular basis, and often quoted as a reference in the press, the ADA website contains more than 300 articles. It helps you to understand why so few women work in IT and to form a different image of new technologies : women talk about their job ; it presents the main debates on access to new technologies ; it describes training courses and certification courses, and more.

Proof of the general interest in the issue and of the quality of the content is that the ADA site boasts 10,000 hits every month and has links to it on more than 300 websites.

Reference database

One of the most important resources on the ADA website is the reference database on women and IT. There are references to about 500 articles, books and reports, providing the necessary sources to those who are looking for information on the subject. Gradually updated as our research is carried out, this database is ADA’s virtual library.

The ADA newsletter

Sent out bi-monthly, the newsletter currently has 2,800 subscribers, and the number is rising all the time. ADA subscribers include individuals, researchers, institutions, schools, teachers, politicians and companies.