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Informatisons ! (Let’s get real about IT !)

A CD ROM about jobs in and with the new technologies

One of the things that hamper people from venturing into a particular field is their ignorance of it. Indeed how can you imagine yourself working in IT if you have no idea - or the wrong idea - about what people who work in IT actually do ?

The ADA ’Informatisons !’ (Let’s get real about IT) CD ROM introduces 16 jobs in IT (or affected by IT) in the form of interviews (video and text) with IT professionals and a series of cards describing the day-to-day work and the training and skills you need to work in IT.

The CD ROM is a tool that seeks to remove the myth that surrounds this often poorly-understood field. It is designed to be used with students in the top years of secondary education and in careers advisory centres and aims to brush aside preconceived ideas and change the stereotypes and broaden horizons through examples and models of real women who make a living from their work in IT and who flourish in their careers.

These women work in the private or public sector, with flexible working hours or not, and so on. The CD ROM is interactive and also contains a history of IT as well as short films that retrace women’s career-paths and examine the impressions of employers in the IT sector and of IT students. And finally there’s a quiz to test your newly-acquired knowledge and a fun questionnaire that reveals the perfect job for you.

The jobs featured in the CD ROM include :

- Webmaster
- Database architect
- Medical imagery technician
- Help Desk