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A multidisciplinary response

The issue of ‘Women and IT’ is a complex web in which numerous factors are continually at play ; factors which affect each other and each of which is important at its own level.

The ADA project has therefore chosen to fight on several fronts, using different strategies :

- getting girls to explore IT at a young age, and introducing their teachers to IT
- portraying a realistic and feminine image of IT jobs to encourage girls to take up a career in IT
- helping employers to determine how their company practices may discourage women
- raising awareness among colleges of higher education to enable them to attract more women
- changing the image of IT, including among women who are re-training

As well as, of course, creating interaction between the people involved, to ensure that the responses and initiatives incorporate all the different components and engage all the different players involved.

Artistic practices, call-centres, open software, etc. form part of the debate, and both the activists and the institutions participate.