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Ada Women & New Technologies

The ADA Project : For whom and why ?

Ada Byron,
Countess of Lovelace

ADA, after Ada Lovelace, the first female IT programmer, came about through the realization that women are under-represented in the sector of new ICTs.

Too few women working in IT ? High stakes
There are very few women in IT jobs, both in Belgium and in other countries : only 15% of IT specialists are women.

It’s true to say that if there is an IT revolution taking place, it’s happening without women. The sector is in full expansion and is increasingly conditioning our society.

So : can women afford to neglect the technologies that have such a major stake in the work environment, and can they afford to ignore technologies that have an increasing impact on their daily lives ?

- Multiple factors
Why so few women are into IT ?

- A multidisciplinary response
ADA’s strategies to bring more women into IT.

- The partners in the project
Who is behind ADA ?

- Practical tools to increase women’s participation in the new technologies
Tools to raise awareness among different players.