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Joli ciel, vous avez dit logiciel ? (Software’ did you say ? That’ll be the day !)

A DVD and a play to launch the debate with young people

In order to raise awareness among the young – and the not so young – ADA and the theatre company ‘Espèce de …’ have created a show about the stereotypes at work in the relationship between women and new technologies.

Entitled ‘Joli ciel, vous avez dit logiciel ?’(‘Software’ did you say ? That’ll be the day !), it can be viewed either as a short film on DVD designed to be used in a classroom setting, or as a play by inviting the company to give their performance on the stage and during which the spectators are invited to ‘change the story’.

They both aim to create a debate on stereotypes and to come up with ways of dismantling these stereotypes.