Practical tools to increase women’s participation in the new technologies

Since 2001, the ADA project has been developing tools to raise awareness among different players and show them to what extent they can act, at their own level.

Secondary-school teachers, students, women in the process of training, employers, primary-school teachers, … all these different target players have been approached and we have gradually developed different tools, CD ROMs, plays, theoretical texts, activities, etc. addressing each of the specific problems.

Below is a description of all these different tools and schemes, by way of a taster. All the tools we have developed are available in French and in Dutch and can be ordered on line.

They are also available under an open licence, i.e. if you are interested in all or some of these tools you can adapt or translate the contents and reproduce them freely provided you simply give the source.

A site that tells you everything about women and IT

- Cybersoda
A CD ROM for young girls that explores IT

- ‘Informatisons !’ (Let’s get real about IT !)
A CD ROM about jobs in and with the new technologies

-  ‘Pimp IT up’
A mentor scheme and partnership between schools and businesses

- Cherchez la ‘jeune’ femme
Girls’ disaffectation of studying IT, reasons and solutions

- ’Joli ciel, vous avez dit logiciel ?’ (‘Software’ did you say ? That’ll be the day !)
A DVD and a play to launch the debate with young people

- Comme un poisson dans l’eau ! (Like a Fish ‘in’ the Water)
A play to engage IT companies

- Best Work Place ?
A quiz to launch the debate within companies

- CyberSenso
"...and suddenly a whole new world opens itself up to me…"

- Digitales
Multidisciplinary meetings on women & new technologies

- Image, Images (To see or not to see the image)
A multimedia educational tool

- Working within a professional network
Creating networks, advanced training, discovering new technologies